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Other Ingredients: Mass Maker Multi-Stage Carbohydrate System (maltodextrin, brown rice syrup solids, inulin [from chicory root extract], amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, durum, millet, spelt, barley, chia), non-dairy creamer (coconut oil, corn syrup solids, dipotassium phosphate, sugar, mono- and diglycerides, sodium silicoaluminate, polysorbate 80, tetrasodium pyrophosphate), natural and artificial flavors, potassium citrate, salt, medium-chain triglycerides, modified food starch, soy lecithin, xanthan gum, cellulose gum, sucralose, acesulfame potassium.
ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains milk, soy, egg, wheat and gluten (from oats, wheat and barley).

Quality calories for quality mass.

If you want to gain mass (weight), typically you want it to be quality mass, meaning mostly muscle. This is easier said than done, particularly if you are very active, such as an athlete who trains twice a day or a delivery driver who lifts heavy appliances up and down stairs. To be successful, you’ve got to train hard and eat lots of quality calories. MMU makes the latter easier and more enjoyable.

Size: 5lb (About 23 servings)

  • Muscle Building and Preservation
  • Recovery
  • Weight Gain

Why people like it
  • Taste: MMU vanilla has been compared to cheesecake, soft-serve ice cream, tapioca, vanilla pudding, and crème brulee! Users of MMU chocolate say that it reminds you of drinking a glass of fresh milk mixed with a spoonful of your favorite chocolate syrup as a child. It smells like fresh cocoa!
  • Potency: To make gaining mass easier, we boosted the energy density of MMU to 390 Calories per serving.
  • Unique formula: MMU contains a blend of 4 fast and slow proteins and 11 high-quality carbohydrates, plus fast-burning fats from coconut oil and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

How do I choose between MMU and other Beverly proteins?
Choose MMU if:
  • You are a hard-training athlete or very active individual trying to gain or maintain quality weight, or
  • you want a traditional meal replacement that is complete with high-quality protein, carbohydrate, and fat.

Secrets to Success
  • The best times to take MMU are first thing in the morning, after workouts or practice, and as a meal replacement.
  • At least two scoops should be taken immediately after workout or practice.
  • If you require more calories, simply add more scoops when preparing your shake. Add 5 oz of cold water for each additional scoop. You may also add milk, cream, a banana or your favorite nut butter to increase the energy density of your shakes.
  • Hardgainers: Add Multiple Enzyme Complex (MEC) to any weight-gain diet. MEC will enhance your natural digestive process, making it easier to absorb the nutrients your muscles need to grow.

Ironclad Guarantee: Don't settle for just a little edge - with Mass Maker, you can have it all - rapid training, recovery, super-sonic, quality lean muscle mass gains - all with a taste so irresistible that your mouth will be watering for more after every training session. And, it's guaranteed! How simple is this? You try it - you love it. If not we'll refund your money!

Click here to read what others are saying about Mass Maker…

Randy says: "Beverly, you have helped me reach goals I thought were impossible. My self-esteem hasn’t been this good since I was in high school, and I’m now 44 years old. My fast metabolism and stressful job (paramedic) have kept me skinny for years. Then I saw Beverly products were used in trauma units, hospitals, and burn facilities. At nearly 6 feet and 170 lb, I gave Beverly’s Mass Maker Ultra a try and my weight soared to 195 lb. My muscle gains went through the roof. Your top-of-the-line products are the only ones for me. I’ll never use anything else."

Tony says: "I have a tendency to be skinny yet gain fat easily. After trying nearly everything on the market without success, a friend told me about Beverly and I gave it a shot. The protein powders are so good it was a treat every time I had one on my short breaks. The first 2 weeks, I gained 5 lb of muscle! After 2 months, I added Mass Maker Ultra, which I love. I have gained a total of 13 lb of muscle and dropped 21 lb of fat. Needless to say, I no longer use or even have to try another brand."

Adam says: "I just wanted to say WOW. Your products are simply the best I have ever used. I am taking Ultimate Muscle Protein and Mass Maker Ultra and I have seen huge strides in my strength, size, and recovery. In a little over a month, I have added nearly 20 lb on my bench, and my arms, back, and shoulders are growing and recovering faster than ever. Nowhere else can I get so much bang for my buck. Keep up the amazing work. You have gained a customer for life!"

Todd says: "I'm very cautious of the supplements that I buy. If I don't like the taste and don't see results, I won't take it. Beverly's Mass Maker Ultra is awesome. I've put on about 10 lb in the two months that I have been using it and my strength is through the roof."

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